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Martin Noel, LMFT-A

Supervised by Susanne Slay-Westbrook, M.S., LMFT-S, LPC-S, Lic#1013

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People have always been my passion. They fascinate me...what makes them tick, what makes them happy, how they fit together. People are defined by their culture, their beliefs, their relationships, connections, communications, structure, and family. All people are connected. Everyone affects everyone they know. When one person has problems, everyone in the family is affected. Sometimes the relationships themselves need work; but everyone needs to tell their story, to feel heard and validated. Everyone deserves to declare their voice, their identity. And sometimes, we all need a little help with telling others our needs and feelings. I have worked with developmentally disabled adults, blind and deaf people. I have worked with homeless people, those with SUD & PTSD, military families with depression, and those with severe psychosis. I found that creating healthy relationships are key to the best solutions, and are best when all members feel heard. The best stories are shared stories. "Shared sorrow is lessened. Shared joy is increased." --Spider Robinson. Easy to say, not so not easily done. Sharing and vulnerability requires trust, communication, and attachment...everything healthy relationships need. I hope you can share your stories with me, and let me help you and your loved ones to build your bridges and continue your journey!

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