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Jen with baby Liam 30 weeks

My NICU Story

My passion for NICU families was born out of my own NICU stay in 2009 with our son Liam. Our unit was closed to visitors and my husband returned to work, so I was left "visiting" by myself everyday while balancing a very confused 5 year-old who had just started kindergarten at home. To say I was overwhelmed, confused, and alone is not an overstatement. It was easily the most difficult time of my life. 


When I returned to work after graduate school, I changed the path of my career and began working for a national non-profit who served NICU families. I worked with families like myself who were struggling with their time in the NICU, trying to figure out how to deal with all the emotions they were having at the bedside and at home, how to be part of their baby's routine at the hospital, not "just a visitor", how to explain to their own families that they and their baby were in a fragile state and were going to need some time. About how completely rocked we were by this experience. I started support groups, gave trainings, sat on national committees to make change for how parents were treated by their care teams. I created a milestone bead program that helps parents celebrate their baby's progress in the NICU that is being used across the nation. I believe I made a difference. 


But as time passed I started to miss the connection of sitting down with other NICU families and talking about the things that make us tick and make our journeys so special. And so began my next journey of private practice. Combining my personal NICU experience with my years of training and working with families, I offer a unique counseling perspective of having been where my clients are. Talking NICU parent to NICU parent. Although every journey is unique, there is something about the NICU experience that only another NICU parent can understand. I look forward working with you through this difficult time.

My best,


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